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Where can I get One time Access to a laser cutter ? Answered

I am just starting to read about laser engravings and want to make a gift out of them (like a toast etched on wood ). I am wondering where can I access a laser cutter for such small one time use ? Techshop is expensive for my case since I dont need a month membership to make it.  I dont think they offer daily membership any more.  fab lab surprisingly is not avaialbe in bay area.  I probably need access only  2/3 times so wondering is there any other solution I can get for around 30-40$ per day access?
i dont want to use Ponoko as I would like to be the one who made it :-)


If you can draw the files yourself, say with Inkscape (it's a free download), then there are several online cutying services, such as Ponoko.


4 years ago

Check with woodworking specialist retailers (the ones who sell high quality woods and wood crafting tools) in your area. Some will rent access to expensive shop tools, mostly on an hourly basis.

Hard to say, Ask in the "wanted" section of the forum ?

Thanks for the response . Am afraid I am bad at crafting .. using my own laser pointer might not give a good finish , rather give myself a unevenly burnt wood :(
BTW I could definitely use your adivce as my backup plan . can you point me a trustable instructable for it ? There is tons out there and I get lost


4 years ago

You can buy a 5mw green laser for $9, hack it to almost 300mw,
focus it to a fine point with a throw-away camera lens and do your engraving...