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Where can I get a decent Airsoft AEG Rifle for under $50? Answered

I'm looking a decent Airsoft AEG Rifle for no more than $50. I know that $50 is a very low budget, but I only want this for small games with a couple friends in backyards/woods. Low FPS is fine. Only real requirement (besides it being an AEG rifle) is that it doesn't fall apart right as I get it. The only thing I've been able to find is a Crosman Pulse R71/R73, and both seem to have poor build quality, therefore a little over priced.

Thanks a bunch!


The wiki airsoft page has a very good animation of how an electric air soft works . Given the will It looks like it could be re engineered.

Honest answer: You can't. It's like trying to get a decent car for under $500. If you do, -something- is wrong with it. All cheap airsoft guns are made poorly and are prone to breaking easily if not just outright malfunctioning randomly. So, either settle for any cheap gun you find or put in a little more money. Honestly, I didn't want to shell out either, but if you consider that one pricey gun will probably cost you less in the long run rather than going through several cheap guns because they break, then it's actually a pretty economical move.

You may be able to build quite a reasonable a car for under $500 (depending on the type and style and expectations)

Easyyyy, http://www.airsplat.com