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Where can I get a .iso image of Mac OS 8.6? Answered

Can someone find me an .iso image of Mac OS 8.6? Many Thanks, I need it to dual boot with Debian



Shhhhhh, If anyone asks I didn't give you anything ;)

It would be illegal to download it if you don't own a copy already. If however you own the disk but it's too scratched to work, it would be legal to download a torrent file for the iso from a torrent website and then download it with a torrent client. uTorrent could be used as the client and somewhere like torrentz.com to find the iso. If you don't already own Mac OS 8.6, do not download an ISO of it.

I own a copy of Mac OS 8.6. But it will not work! I've tried everything under the sun, from Disk Doctor to toothpaste(you can use toothpaste).

If you own a copy of the disk then it is legal for you to download it from a torrent.