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Where can I get a left handed bolt??? Answered

I want a left handed bolt for the bolt puzzle in the "puzzle" section of this site. No one in my area has them, just the nuts. Anyone have an idea where they are sold for a REASONABLE price in small quantities, like 1?


Hey, pick up a few left-handed nails while you're at it.

Hey, that's rude :-/ There are left-handed (thread) bolts. Some bicycle manufacturers use them to ensure that pedals don't loosen themselves; similarly for more important applications.

Not intended as rude, just silly; apologies if it came across as excessively snarky.

. Chrysler used to put left-handed wheel studs/nuts on one side of the car (IIRC, they changed to all right-handed in the early '70s). It could really mess you up when you went to change a tire if you didn't know. Other car manufacturers probably did the same at one time or the other.

Some heavier vehicles/delivery vans etc. still have this.

Try McMaster-Carr Industrial Supply. You can order singles from them, but "reasonable" is your problem. If you can't buy them in your area, then how much are you willing to pay to get them?

Most hardware stores should have them. You can also check for industrial suppliers or Google "fasteners".

You must have better equipped hardware stores than I do :-) I order mine from either McMaster-Carr or Grainger.

My hardware store has them. what size are you looking for?

Google is your friend. Google "bolt left hand thread".