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Where can I get a monopole magnet? Answered

I saw a video on You tube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR6Qait2JGY), in it he makes a perpetual motion machine using a monopole magnet (a magnet with only one pole North or South).


They don't exist. Or have never been detected.

You CAN build an approximation to one, with a "Halbach array"

There is no such thing as a perpertual motion machine, don't waster your time.

Neat idea - Given how magnetism works how do you get a single pole?

Research is a good thing.


Hi, Rick. The Wikipedia article actually has Maxwell's equations generalized to include magnetic charge (monopoles).

One of the very cool things about them is that you get Lorentz covariance (special relativity) explicit in the equations, so that you can actually see how Einstein/Poincare/etc. came up with the idea.

The other cool thing about monopoles is that they give you electric-charge quantization for free -- all you need is to believe in conservation of angular momentum. The downside (as I alluded to above) is that you only need one monopole (anywhere in the universe :-) to quantize charge. Makes it pretty hard to find :-(

Its all to do with vector sums in the active area of the array. You can do VERY clever things with passive mag-lev and Halbach arrays.

Apologies for the spelling in my earlier email.....



It looks as though most all magnets on alibaba are now monopoles. Perhaps something is lost in translation?

Why buy one when it would be far more satisfying to replicate what scientists did a few months ago? http://www.businessinsider.com.au/physicists-creat...

Just cool a cloud of atoms to a couple of billionths of a Kelvin off absolute zero, and carefully manipulate the atoms with magnetic fields, and Bob's your uncle! You have a magnetic monopole for your free energy machine! ;-)


3 years ago

It's all fake, you can get a magnet to make both ends south or north, same, simple, take 2 magnets, put a piece of metal between them, check both sides with compass, if one side or end is still opposite of other then flip one of the magnets, then you get both n or s.


5 years ago

If this is the same video on youtube I saw, if you look closely at 1 min 30 seconds, watch closely how he turns the magnet. He uses the same side and not the opposite side of the magnet. Slight of hand...

No he ain't using the same side, watch in slowmotion and you'll see!


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Good grief, this is absolutely fake - that's not a monopole magnet, it's a strong neodymium magnet, which over-powers ferrous magnets.

The motor is an ordinary dc motor, run from a battery hidden in the wood, connected via the nails. The magnet touches the nail on the left, the voltage read is just the battery voltage.

The video maker can prove me wrong - build one of clear acrylic.

Until he does, I call fake, and if this video is monetised, I call fraud.

(Hold comments for approval? He's censoring debunkers, more like!)

Sure, whatever you naysayers want to believe. I think Wikipedia is BS too.

It's not a matter of belief, it's a matter of facts and evidence.

The person in the video didn't have a mono pole magnet. You can't have one pole without the other. You can't even make a magnet that has one pole stronger than the other. His demonstration was all faked. The so called mono pole magnet was just an un-magnetized blank. When he spun the cheap bar magnet there was a neodymium magnet under the surface that was spinning as well. So that when he brought the blank to the compass the larger neodymium magnet was still under the table magnetizing the blank. The simple flip of the blank didn't move the magnet under the surface. On the next demonstration notice how he didn't demonstrate the north poll of the bar magnet being repelled by the blank. He could easily have a blank and a fully magnetized disk magnet of the same size.

The device he made is faked as well. He built a small motor. Look at the base of the nail on the right. You can see a bit of solder showing through. I'll bet there is a cavity in the bottom of the block with a battery connected to the nails. When he tests it with the meter he is reading the voltage from the batteries through the nail.

In order to generate electricity you have to have a coil of wire sinning in a magnetic field. But something has to be pushing that coil other than the magnetic field itself. In this case it's a motor. There is a power source going through the nails and connecting to the coil turning the coil into an electromagnet. The magnet field emitting from the coil is apposing and attracting to the magnet causing the coil to spin.

I showed my 8 year old cub scouts how to build one of those motors this time last year.

You can't. There's only one in the whole universe (it's the one that makes sure that all the electrons have exactly the same charge), and by now it's probably outside the cosmological horizon.

(For the intelligent people reading this, the Wikipedia keyword is "Dirac monopole").