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Where can I get billboards to recycle? Answered

I want to make some billboard bags and what not  but I don't know where to get the billboards. I live in San Francisco and I see a  lot of billboards does anyone have any idea who I might contact? Also what are tose advertisements on streetlights called?



Best Answer 7 years ago

Most billboards have company contact information on them for maintenance and further advertisement. It is a small plaque or sticker on the sign ore pole. I'd start there.

Given that the idea seems to be to replicate
... I think Onrust has the right answer. Contact the owners of the billboards.

Ads on streetlights: No idea what you're talking about, I'm afraid.

I'm curious what you think a billboard is. I would think that making a bag out of a 10 by 20 meter wood and steel frame structure would be a bit difficult.

The structure of a billboard is wood and steel but it carries a Vinyl sign.

Ah; interesting. Many of the ones I see in the Bay Area appear to be a wood(?) panel, covered with adhesive paper.

Bill Board is a gentleman from North Dakota. But again, I can't imagine making a bag from a kind old man with an unfortunate name is terribly humane.

They make Tucker bags out of old Australians, there is even a song about one:-)
Called "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport" by Rolf harris....