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Where can I get broccoli rubberbands? Answered

Well, since the AST Rifle seems to use so-called "broccoli bands", I want to know where to get them. And only show websites that can accept orders from The Netherlands, 'cause I live there.



Best Answer 9 years ago

cut up some strong rubber gloves in the right way, and they can make nice rubber bands. if you want huge power by some 'Moon Shoes' then take the rubber bands out of em. (i don't have or have never had them, but my friend did, and he gave one to me.

(the moon shoes are a bit more powerful (i think) than the broccoli bands)

they are more powerful if they are used in something bigger because they have to be pulled back more to take up the slack.

my real crossbow uses moon shoes bands and it is real powerful

that proves my point (thanks!) XD



select size 81

the best way I found it on the web was to search for size 81 rubber band

everybody else wanted me to buy 25 pounds of rubber bands

this might be cheaper
http://shop.pitsco.com/store/detail.aspx?KeyWords=rubber bands&by=20&ID=3136&c=0&t=0&l=0

or 5 cents a piece if you only want one



8 years ago

celery! no you get them with broccoli. Wait thaty can't be right. sarcasim

to barrax, moon shoes bands CANNOT be used in a firing pin gun because they offer so much pulling tension that they will torque even a clear rod into a circle. (clear rods are stronger than black and grey and orange and blue.)

(maybe, but i was thinking slingshot gun...)

i use them in every slingshot gun that does not use an ammo lock trigger (ratchet, countertension etc.) you just answered that moon shoes bands are great but he is talking about mepains AST rifle and it uses a firing pin

TO EVERYONE: All the broccoli in our supermarkets is packed in plastic bags...

just get broccolli... if you dont want to eat it, launch it out of a potatoe cannon! note: results of launching from cannon are similar to making hash browns using a flaming tennis racket and hitting potatoes with it: it's fun but not too smart.

Read Canedian's and Tails's comment below... In some supermarkets - including the one where Tails shops and nearly all supermarkets in my country >:-( ,broccoli is packed in bags or crates.

where i am, they have produce aisles that have broccolli in individual bundles held together with rubberbands.

if you want for the ast rifle i think you are talking about he says you can just use 3 doubled no. 64 rubber bands but if you dont want to you can try asking the people in the supermarket.

They are wrapped around the stems of broccoli. You can usually find a ton lying about near the checkouts :-p

And you can just take them with you? If so I'm going to try this next time i go to the supermarket.

Supermarket !

From a broccoli bundle. :-)