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Where can I get (faux) leather for cheap? Answered

With all the steampunk instructables involving leather, it begs the question of where I can get some leather. Real or fake, I don't care, whichever is cheaper.


Depending on how much you want, try charity or thrift stores for old handbags and leather coats.

Ask the staff if they have any such donations that were too ratty to put on sale, but you'll still give a donation for them.

Guess it comes down to where you are, what sort of leather you are after and how much you need. Have you looked on ebay? You can often get real leather there. I'm always on a search for leather, although I have the problem that I use really fine (under 1mm thick) textured leather which is hard to find where I am.
Google leather craft supplies, but be sure to add the word craft, it helps to cut down the number of results that will be for leather goods.

Go kill a cow. If you are too squeamish to do that, then you should go to JoAnn's Fabrics, or your regional equivalent, and buy some cheap plastic imitation of dead animal skin.

We have a discount remnant fabric store that sells imitation leather - vinyl sheet goods which are used for tablecloth covers, cheap upholstery. Stuff does not look very real though. Maybe you can find an upholstery shop and see if they have any remnants for you. There is Tolex which is used for musical amplifier coverings. Go to the thrift store to get cheap leather furniture and gut that out. Good luck.