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Where can I get food grade epoxy/glue? Answered

Does anyone know where I could get some non-toxic food safe epoxy/glue? I need it for a project that deals with sealing things that comes in contact with food. Any replies are much appreciated!




Best Answer 4 years ago

some food-safe glue options listed here: http://www.gluehow.com/recommendation/Ceramic/to/Ceramic


2 years ago

West System 105 resin with 205 hardener is used for potable-water tank applications. Try a yacht chandlers.

sooooo, what kind of food-grade epoxy would i use on some 3-D printed ABS plastic cups? I want to coat it so it stays waterproof.

ABS is kinda toxic... better to use PLA + apoxy just to really safe..

What kind of material are you gluing?

There are specific epoxies that have been certified food safe, and are used in aquariums etc, where a strong seal is needed, as well as a safe environment for fish. So check stores that sell aquariums and fish for more help, as "food safe glue" information is not easy to find online.

However, I did find some recent information through a press release on a new epoxy adhesive that has met stringent laboratory testing and is totally safe to use around food.

Master Bond is the company that makes it. I don't know if they sell from their website, or who retails their products, or where you live to suggest specific stores, but between this link and aquarium supplies, you should find what you need.