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Where can I get one of these knex sets (free subscribtions given away here)? Answered

I would like one of these knex sets (these products must be shipped to holland):

trampoline tower for less than 70 euro (this number includes shipment)
hyperspace training tower for less than 70 euro (this number includes shipment)
original knex coaster for less than 45 euro (this number includes shipment)

I will give away: free subscribtion, 5* on all your ibles and a best answer if I get a good answer.




Best Answer 8 years ago

 Marktplaats is your best bet for both the training tower and rollercoaster. You just have to be patient and look every day. And when you see something you like make an offer for it, but not to high. Eventually someone will sell you knex for really cheap. I've got the hyperspace training tower for 25 euro and a big ball factory+lots of extra's for 35. Here's a space tower with current offer 36 euro. 

And the trampoline tower was not released in the netherlands as far as I know... I've only seen one at marktplaats and the person selling said that it was only released in the US (reason why it was so overpriced).

So do not offer 70 euro or something, just wait for a cheap one to come by.

thanks! that's the best answer I've ever had for any question!!

you win

*you're* I'll give five stars on your following ibles too because you have only two yet :-)

Be careful what you promise - some of us have over a hundred projects!

As the others have suggested, regular attention to ebay will be your best option.  Do not limit yourself to ebay.nl, though.  The UK and France are close enough that delivery costs will be reasonable as well.

In the real world, keep an eye on the local press, and advertising cards displayed in small shops for people selling sets they have no further time or space for.

eBay and cragslist are good places to look.

eBay might be good, other than that I don't know any other places.