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Where can I get windows 95 free and 100% legally? Answered

People can say their download is legal, but is it really?


Do you need 95 for a specific program or is it just for an old computer? If it's an old computer try something like Puppy Linux, or Damn Small Linux, both of which are free and easily downloaded.
If it has to be MS95 then try the Microsoft website or even emailing MS customer support and explaining, specifically, why you need it might yield a free copy.

I need to reinstall the operating system on a computer with 50 MHz CPU. I put the OS in a folder by accident, now it tries to boot the OS and it crashes and takes me to command prompt. I can not make it perform any commands in command prompt including boot. Thanks.

Doesn't answer whether or not a small linux distro would work for you. What do you use this computer for?
I think I have the Windows 3.0 floppies around here somewhere...

I will use whatever free OS will work with minimum requirements up to 50 Mhz. I wish I knew how to make it load the OS. It is better to just make it load the OS than install a new one.

What do you use this computer for?

Have you tried digging around in the DOS directories to try and find the misplaced files?

I can not do anything but enter the bios,make it get stuck in a defective command prompt, or make it boot a floppy. I there a download I can put on a floppy that will allow me to edit the hard drive contents? I can take a video of All I can do with the computer and upload it to my google drive so you can see it. I hope somebody can help give instructions how to make it boot any OS. I can clone the OS off another computer that my friend has that is the same model and everything, but working.

I'm just wondering what you would be using the computer for if it was working?

I like the novelty of it and the ball mouse.

If the novelty is in Win 95 then Tragic makes a good point about just downloading a new copy of it. I'm kind of surprised that MS doesn't release these old OS's as freeware after they are obsolete but maybe there's some proprietary stuff in them that still has value. Regardless the chance that anyone would care are nill.

If the OS doesn't matter then I would check out some of these tiny linux distros like Damn Small Linux. I believe it says it will run on a 50 MHz CPU.


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MS doesnt care one bit about a dead and long forgotten OS like Win95, just grab an ISO off of The PB and run with it.

Good Luck

If its a download is certainly isn't legal since it was never available as a download. But if you get an official disk off someone with it's original activation code you'll be good to go.

Why do you need Win 95?

Actually, that is not true. Microsoft has everything all the way back through DOS 6 available for download through certain areas of MSDN. (Although I believe it is now called dream spark.) But that is not available to the general public. So, basically you are correct... for most people you can not download it. :)

If you have a legal key, then it's legal no matter how you get it.


5 years ago

If you have a legit key I have the CD and could burn you a copy. You would have to pay for the postage.

Win 98 would be a better choice though.

I doubt that contacting Microsoft will help you. They stopped supporting Win95 about 11 years ago...

You could try posting a Craigslist Ad requesting an original Win95 CD (make sure you say CD or you may get a reply that someone has 13 floppy disks for you). Chances are, someone out there still has one and would be willing to give it to you for free.

If you try an Ad, make sure you include a really good reason for why you need it (for free). If someone has held onto it for this long, they probably won't just give it to anyone without a good reason...

From Microsoft, possibly. From used computer stores or even from eBay, if you get the CD with the original MS license key. If a seller tells you that you don't need a license key for it to work, then you know they're trying to sell you an illegal copy.