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Where can i find a ferrite toroid for my joule thief? Answered

Where can i find a ferrite toroid for my joule thief? Iv'e opened almost all the devices in my house!!! Just wanted to make a simple joule theif. I dont have any CFL's to open.



Best Answer 7 years ago

You can make a Joule Thief without a ferrite toroid. Wind 16 feet or 5 meters of wire around the outside of a AA cell, remove the cell and tape or tie the coil so it stays together. This will give you an inductor of about 25 microhenrys, depending on how the coil is wound. Search for joule thief air core or go to my blog or to www.quantsuff.com to see more. http://watsonseblog.blogspot.com/2010/10/2010-oct-18-air-core-coils-for-jts.html

So then do I have to wrap that with wire for it to work? After I made this ring-looking object?


6 years ago

Get hold of a tv set or PC monitor and among the wiring you find some which are wound around a greyish black cylinder shape objects. These are the ferrite core you need! Now find a tutorial on how you wind the coil and use this cylinder to wind the wire around it. :)

Sorry for not mentioning: I have already made about 1000 searches on google. But no good!!!

You most often find them on mains and signal leads for PC's or inside an old radio.

I found one on the power leads of the fan motor in the outdoor half of a split system air conditioner.