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Where can i find a peltier unit around the house? Or where can u get one fast for school? Answered


Peltier units are not usually used in common items around the house. Unless you have one of those refrigerant-free tiny refrigerators or into high-end cooling of your computer hardware.

well i have a few old computer around the house. do u think i could fine one in there?

"Old"? Very unlikely. If you've got a brand new high-end machine with a quad-core processor, it might have a Peltier cooler mounted under the heat sink. Otherwise, no.

If you have a little beverage cooler that plugs into a USB port, or into a car's "cigarette lighter" power socket, that will have Peltier units in it.

The easiest way to find one is to order it online. Google or Amazon will help you far more efficiently than waiting for random people in the Universe to respond to you.

but the Universe is not truly random, is it? I seem to have an affinity for these off-the-shelf questions.