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Where can i find all my favorites? Answered

This might be a dumb question, but since the new update only a few of the projects that i have favorited are showing up now? Where can i find all the other projects? i go to my profile and choose favorites and there are only about 20 or so of the many, many that i have starred. Hopefully someone can help with this issue, Thanks!


You have 28 favorited that I see on your profile page.

From here, click on "Favorites", which is exactly under "settings". Is that where you looked?

Ugh, this is "UNPUBLISHED"... :(
At the website today I can't find my favorites.

Thank you for sharing.

Oh ok! yeah it only showed 28 when i go directly to my favorites from the drop down on the main page, but no i see that i can find all of them from the link that you pointed out. Thanks!

Hello. I have a similar problem. I know that I've favorited plenty of instructables but, when I go to click on the Favorites option on the drop down menu under You, all I get are comments I've made. Did a recent update happen requiring me to do something or all my favorites gone?

Nevermind. Everything's listed as activities now, including favorites.