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Where can one fish for invasive snakehead fish around Roanoke, Va ? Answered

I have heard that the invasive Northern/Giant Snakeheads are prevalent in Virginia and I was wondering where near Roanoke, Hardy, or Salem I could possibly fish for one. I have also heard that they are delicious, and might get one taxidermied. It's not me in the picture.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Try the Potomac River.

And if you catch any KILL them.  They sound like they're going to take over the world.

what ever you do make sure its snakehead not bowfin

It's funny, because just last night I was watching a program on TV that was telling how bad these fish are.  They can destroy whole ponds, because they eat EVERYTHING.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that these fish have tiny lungs, and can breath out of water.  The show said that people are smuggling these in from Asia, because some people want them as pets and some people want to eat them.  But instead of killing it, like Redesign said, put it in a bucket or something (try not to get bit by it) and call game and parks.  This is because they want to find out where the fish are coming from.  They already know that the ones on the west coast are from Asia, but maybe the ones on the east coast are from some where else. 

I don't know where you could catch them, but you could try the Potomac like Redesign said.

Good luck fishing!