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Where can you buy Deuterium? Answered

Hi I am trying to obtain deuterium for a nuclear fusion reactor I am building if any body knows where or how to obtain this object please write back.


Besides the obvious fatality issues associated with high voltages, you probably don't know that D2O (heavy water) is poisonous. The mass difference between the isotopes significantly affects enzymatic processes in cells.

I was able to find Deuterium Oxide with a simple Google search. You can easily make pure Deuterium gas for Fusor experiments, etc. by running DC current through it and collecting the gas (electrolysis).

It is probably not that hard to get.

I'm guessing the oxide, also called D2O, also called heavy water,


is the easiest form to ship through the mail.

Also guessing you can buy it from firms that sell other chemicals. There are probably even people selling D2O on eBay.

I have no idea what to expect for how much it costs.

Although however much that is, it is probably cheaper than making your own through some kind of isotope enrichment process, e.g.


thanks I will check this out definitely you helped a lot :)

I just re-read Christensent's instructable, "Build A Fusion Reactor"

since I noticed it there in the related panel. ------>

He is using deuterium gas, D2, from a small compressed gas bottle (You can see it in one of the pictures in Step 4.), so I guess it's possible to buy it that way too.

I humbly suggest you read that 'ible.

Also I think Make(r) magazine had a similar tutorial, here:

There are probably others also.

By the way, I think for this kind of project, finding the materials and parts is only the beginning of the challenge, even if you happen to have crazy money, like almost-unlimited amounts of money, to spend on it.

You also have to figure out hard vacuum, high voltage, and radiation physics. I think you kind of want to have that stuff, like, really figured out, I mean, for to avoid electrocuting yourself, or dosing yourself or your friends, with harmful amounts of x-rays, neutrons, or other radiation.

I mean don't get discouraged, but um, nuclear physics... yeah. Well, good luck, and happy building!

If you're not smart enough to type your question into Google, you probably shouldn't be trying to build a fusion reactor.

The stuff has very useful properties but I agree and fail to see what a sane and private person would do with it.

Thanks guys I didn't expect a reply you guys helped out alot

I am beyond belief that this is a serious question.


2 years ago

It's not an object.