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Where can you find denim or canvas? Answered

Did the world run out of canvas and denim to the public that is NOT over 200 or more dollars for 3 yards of the stuff? I mean really, can somone give me a link?


Can you link it?

That's cute :-) Definitely more dynamic than our home-built (*ahem* DYI) JSFI version (thanks, Nacho!), and more far more polite than JFGI (the hostname is those initials fully spelled out).

If you check the timestamps, you'll see that Nacho and I created our postings essentially simultaneously. I hope that our pottery shard friend got the point.

I have a piece sitting here waiting for a future Instructable (I'm almost done--stay tuned!) that my dad found as a remnant at Mall-Wart. It's roughly the size you would get if you just went out and bought "a yard" of fabric, and the price tag says $5.47.

Same as what they said: Joann Fabrics. They have denim, canvas, and vinyl super cheap - it's all the ugly stuff, but it's functional! Hancock fabrics also has racks in the back with cheap bits and pieces.

Where have you been searching? JoAnn Fabrics has denim for $7/yard.

I was going to suggest the same place. They even print 40% off coupons in their weekly ad regularly (here, at least) and accept competitor coupons.