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Where could I buy a simple wireless ON/OFF switch? Answered

I'm looking for a simple, small, wireless switch. you know if I press a button, a few feet away a circuit will go from open, to closed. IR preferably, I mean the remote on a remote control car can tell the car to go forward, there must be an even simpler device. Please and thanks!



Any auto part store sells wireless remotes with at least 2 channels. It depends on what your use for it is, say a household appliance or battery operated. take a garage door opener. The remote its self uses a battery (DC) operated circut, to operate a household (AC) switch. This would not be what your looking for if your are going to use it on an RC car, because it would require an AC to DC inverter. Something like a remote car starter (DC to DC) is more what you would need.

Checkout X-10.com


7 years ago

A wireless doorbell could be used for that purpose.

RadioShack has them, as does Amazon and plenty of other online sources. There's a box you plug into an outlet, into which you plug in a lamp or whatever. There's a two-button remote to trigger the switch. You don't want IR, since that requires a clear line of sight to the outlet (so it can't be behind a bookcase).