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Where could one acquire a small O2 gas cylinder? Answered

Where could I go to get small O2 tanks without much expense for individuals without health issues or special licenses of any sort?

I DO NOT need anything of a specfic grade as this is for combustion.

I wont be breathing this (at least not on purpose)

I want is the small medical sized bottles



Best Answer 8 years ago

Is this for medical purposes or industrial use?
Medical supply companies sell and lease the former, welding supply companies sell and lease the latter.  Industrial use oxygen is NOT to be used for medical purposes, ever.

I intend to use the oxygen for combustion so the quality doesnt matter much. What I want is the small medical sized bottles.

Okay the edits to your question makes it easy:

Wow, thank you! Its the perfect size too, about the same size as a tank of mapp gas.

You're welcome.
Once you clarified the question, I knew exactly what you were looking for.

Could I get medical oxygen without a condition that requires it?

It depends on where you live I believe.  I presume you are in the U.S., some states require a prescription, others don't. Just call a local medical supply place and ask.

In the UK here, you can buy small O2 cylinders for a shop gas torch from B+Q (the equivalent of Home Depot or Lowes)

Medical grade oxygen is, As I recall, only available with a prescription.

Interestingly enough, however, brewers use it, so you might want to check with brewing organizations in and around your area. the following link is from a meeting in your neck of the woods...


Quote: "There was some discussion about what kind of oxygen brewers should use when adding oxygen to help yeast metabolism. Welder and aviation grades are not suitable, only pure medical grade oxygen should be used...."

Do you really need med. oxygen?
Or can you use industrial oxygen?  If so it'll be much cheaper and probably available where ever gas welding supplies are sold.

What's your project?

And you do know the fire/pressure/heavy object dangers associated with this and if you don't look it up before proceeding.