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Where did I Go Wrong With My WASP? Answered

Hey guys,

I decided to build the WASP yesterday, but without instructions, as KI is down/not working (why is that? It has not been working for the past 1 - 2 months...?). I used pictures from ~KGB~'s WASP and Raz1r Knex Bull3t's WASP (click on their names to see their WASPs. ~KGB~'s is down in the comment section of the link I gave you.)

I ran into two problems that I think you guys could help me with.

Problem #1 The mechanism: Where did I go wrong? Every time I pull the trigger it pushes the hammer backwards, but it never lets the hammer fly forwards to hit the TR8 mini-primers. What is wrong?

Problem #2 The turret: How can I get the turret to auto-ratchet? What should I do?





Like I said, if I wanted it on ibles I would post it here. I've already emailed crestind about knexinnovation being down, and he said he would fix it.

*face palm* I would be flattered that people liked (and re-posted) my guns (that I did not intend to sell). What is up will all of you old people (old meaning have been around for a while)? KILLERK, TheRacker, oodalumps, ZakS, you guys just don't get it do you... Nobody cares what you think about us new people doing stuff that you don't like, nobody cares that you don't like broken pieces, we have moved on. No offense, but you guys have been wet-blankets lately, and it is getting tiring. Move on. I mean no offense, you are a FANTASTC builder, but leave us newer people alone. We got this, move one. =D

My plan was that if KI doesn't come back, I would move my important guns to ibles. I'm not dead, and I don't need (or want) you to take the reins for MY creations. Respect other people's intellectual property.

And, as always, you (and KILLERK, TheRacker, ZakS) don't answer EXACTLY what was in my comment, so, I'm choosing to ignore you. I'm gonna give you credit, so relax and enjoy me telling everybody how awesome your WASP is.

oodalumps is right dude, its his and he'll do what he wants with it. I get that this is a sharing site, but would you like it if I posted your favorite ible on my account?

It is not like I am posting a full 'ible and taking credit for all of it, I'm just gonna post a forum topic that shows what I have done with my WASP. I don't have to give him credit, as the WASP has never been fully posted here on 'ibles, but I am choosing to do so. He is a great builder, and the WASP is an awesome gun. If you were to post a full 'ible of my favorite gun, I might not like it, but I would not act like he is acting. Besides, if you were to ask me for permission (which I did in the beginning), and I said no, and you posted just a slideshow, not a full 'ible, I don't see what is wrong with that.

I don't know "what is up with all of you old people", or how that is relevant to this topic. You ask for help with your gun. I try to be helpful by giving you a link to the images of my WASP, and you think that gives you the rights to do whatever you want with them? How ungrateful can you be?

Yes, I asked for help with your gun, and you gave it to me, for which I am very thankful. I did not say I have the right to do whatever I want with the pictures of your WASP, you just don't like it that I am gonna post a forum topic on the subject. That is you being picky, not me being rude. Besides, according to what mikeasaurus said, if I do not use your pictures or your words, I can post any 'ible on any other gun, as long as I use internet etiquette and give credit to you/the creator. So you can rant and rave all you want, or call me ungrateful, which is the silliest thing I have ever heard, but that is all your problem.

The problem is that I am in the process of deciding where my instructions will go. If KI comes back, then there is no problem. People can just go to KI to see how to build it, and you can link to the instructions on ibles all you want. If KI doesn't come back, I bring the instructions to ibles as a full instructable. People will have access to the instructions without your interference.

Hmm... this I understand. Although, it beats me why you don't just post ALL of your previous guns from KI on here... But, to each his own. I think you will make the right decision, but if it was left up to me, all of your (fantastic) guns should be posted here on 'ibles. Lastly, how am I interfering...? I just don't understand you.

You already posted the pictures here. What is it with you just taking everyone else's stuff and posting it again but getting butthurt when I built your simple pistol? Not cool man.

I did not like it when you threatened to give other people pictures so that they did not have to buy my ebook. oodalumps is not planning (to my knowledge) to make monney off his WASP, so there.

If that's the only unique thing in your book and you're worried about it getting out, I don't see a good reason to buy your book in the first place.

The mech may not be working because you might not be pulling the trigger far back enough. Just a hunch, though. It looks freaking sweet, dude.


4 years ago

Well to fix you turret problem, this should help i hope...
Ill get back to you if i can figure out why the mech isint working, very strange indeed.


glad i could help!:-) I cant find what is wrong with the mech lol, i havent made a knex gun in nealry 2 years lol. All i can remeber is that i had a bit of trouble with my own WASP mech...