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Where did you learn about electronics? Answered

Like diodes and servos and radio theory whatnot? Did you take classes? Read from books? I'd like to learn this sort of stuff, but can't find anyone to teach me. I also don't feel comfortable enough with this stuff to buy a bunch of parts and mess around with a book..


I taught myself in the dump till I took an electronics class in high school. I think the best way is to build kits to start and then experriment with crystal radio its fun and easy. midnightscience.com Never stop asking questions and get an elmer (teacher) Ask at arrl.com for your local ham radio club there are Lots of people there that will show you all kinds of cool stuff.

Check out "Practical Electronics For Inventors" by Paul Scherz. Great book. ~Bob~


9 years ago

Well, as a younger kid, I didn't have any video games or cable tv, and not many friends. I taught myself by taking things apart and finding out what they did. to learn more, I used books and computers, and in grade 8, I audited a course at kelsey to learn some more. Surprisingly, I knew a lot more than most of the people there. I would suggest checking around you it department, at sarcan, or in a junkyard for old electronics. then start to figure out what things do, and see how they interact. if you need any more help, just tell me.