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Where do I buy or how do I make a touch screen overlay (if thats the correct phrase) for a wide screen TV or laptop? Answered

I'm thinking about building this https://www.instructables.com/id/Robotic-Drink-Mixer/ instructable. However, I would like to get a feel for how it would act in a real world scenario and from what I have seen, many applications like this are run on a touch screen PC.

I'm pretty sure that if I do this I am going to use something touch screen but I'm open to alternative idea's if anyone has one :P

Thanks in advance.


If you're an experienced solderer, you could use the kit at this website 

Also there are plenty of other things like it on Google. The search that yields the best results is "Usb Touch Screen Panel Kit"  Good Luck, and happy Modding.


7 years ago

I've seen taht before and I think that's way way way too big. I just want an overlay for a laptop not build a bar table/ cash register lol

As I said, buy one off the shelf then.

With great difficulty. Your best option would be to scan the TV screen face with infra-red light and sense where the beam is broken. Details - I leave to your skills.