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Where do I find LED programmers? Think Daft Punk helmetish Answered

Hello fellow Instructable members! I'm working on a project and need to hire someone who is knows about LEDs and programming them to do things very similar to Daft Punks helmets. I am preferably looking for somebody within the New York area. Also if you have work that you have done already please send me links or examples of your work this will help greatly. If you are interested in this job please reply to this post or even if you have places I can call or any suggestions of where I can find such a person any information will be incredibly appreciated. I am ideally looking to complete this project by mid-January. Thanks so much! Coco


Well, you can make an electronic circuit or use something like an Arduino.
I have a little bit of experience whit the circuits... You can find online circuits that will make the led blink or do various thing...
Take a look at my Instructables How to make a fast blinking LED bike light
The guy that built the Daft Punks helmet, I think he use an Arduino...
Hope this helps a bit...

Can said programmers get something for their troubles? (Cookies by mail, perhaps?)