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Where do I find a base to make my own stud earrings? Answered

I want to glue (or whatever you recommend) buttons and other small knick-knacks onto some type of stud earring base.

I'm not sure if this is it (the 2nd from the left): http://www.silverenchantments.com/bezel-cups-sterling-silver.html

because it's a "cup", possibly designed for a gemstone or something? I was looking for a sort of flat surface w/ a post coming out (and a backing of course) to glue vintage buttons on. Seems pretty easy to me, any precaution? I don't have a glue gun... will superglue work, or is there some sticky crafty substance I don't know about that would stand the test of time?


I have some flat earring bases, I think I got them at wal-mart. I haven't tried using superglue to glue stuff on them but I think I might sometime...

Superglue is, by definition, super.