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Where do I get a Japanese Pull Saw? Answered

For some of the Insructables I've seen for tools they have put "Japanese Pull Saw" I dont know ewhere to get one and I really want to make the Portal turret Please help, Thank you...

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Atlas Portal 2



Best Answer 6 years ago

Harbor Freight has then for a pretty reasonable price. They have 2 styles.

My dad was in the Air Force and stationed in Japan many, many years ago. He discovered these saws there and they just made so much sense to him. American saws have to be thick and heavy because you push them through the wood. The Japanese saws are light and thin because you don't have to worry about them bending when you PULL them through the wood. He brought back a bunch of them and a few are still in use today.

I've seen them at Menards, Lowes, and Home Depot.

It isn't essential a fine tooth saw will also do the work with a little care.

A lot of on line tool shops stock pull saws though.

In the UK, I buy mine from Axminster. B+Q used to sell them too.

In the USA, there is a very good on-line store called the Japanese Woodworker - I think they're in California.

I've seen them in Clas Ohlsen, otherwise you should try a local specialist tool-shop, or your favourite online auction site.


6 years ago

Rockler Woodworking carries them and so does Amazon.com. They are available at most all woodworking supply stores.