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Where do I start hacking (the good kind)? Answered

                    I've become fairly decent at basic electronic hardware hacking (fans, lighting, audio, etc.) but as far as things like software go, I'm a noob.  I was wondering if anyone had any advice or recommendations as to where I can learn more about hacking for software, etc.  Thanks!


 The Library is a good place. I know that doesn't sound techy, but my library holds several good hacking books. Just reading books like Takedown(written by Tsutomu Shimomura)  can give you a better knowledge of how hacking works.  Hackthissite.org is a good website when learning HTML hacking. 

.  It depends on what you mean by "hacking for software."
.  If you want to reverse-engineer/modify proprietary apps, then you want to start by learning a low-level language.
.  If you want to understand/modify open source apps, then one of the higher-level languages (eg, C++, Java) would be more appropriate.
.  If you want to learn how computers work, in general, then steveastrouk's suggestion of an Arduino is a great option.

Probably start with the Arduino then. There are loads of introductory tutorials for it that will get you up and running.