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Where do i get photodarlington transistors or equivilent? Answered

Where do i get photodarlington transistors or equivilent? anyone know? to be clear it basically looks like a black led with a + and - unlike most transistors that have 3 prongs this only has two. when light hits it, it allows current to flow.


in many standard phototransistors you just leave the base disconnected so its like 2 wires darlington connection is used to amplify. you can amplify the signal from this one with a simple transistor. it does not have to be the amplifier by itself

i found somthing called a photodiode i wonder if that will work?

what is the entire circuit you are trying to make ? (scheme / link)

basically i just want a small 6vdc motor to turn on when i point a flash light at it

then about any type of sensor you can get is ok you just have to amplify the signal from it using simple (not photo) trnsistors so it can power the motor a 358 chip can make the circuit work as sharp on off (and not variable speed that depends on the light). a 555 chip can be used as window detector (so that it powers on and off at different amounts of light)

they are very common in electronics. you can often find them in trashed stuff like crt monitors etc. or you can buy the 358 has many substitutes like 741 (ok in some places only) and 324

can b many things if they have stuff like 102 222 103 473 pF nF on them then probably capacitors

no this one just has 250v on it. i figure thats a AC voltage rating