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Where do i get servo motors? (Simple way)? Answered

i wanna know a simple way to get servo motors, because everybody made robots with servo motors only, so where do i find it??



Old dot matrix printers are a good source. Check your local surplus store or yard sales.

Servos are commonplace in radio control models, so any on-line or bricks-and-mortar model shop will have a several types. They come in avery wide range of prices and qualities (with prices to match).
I'm working on my first robotics project at the moment - a 4-legged walker using 2 cheap miniature nylon gear servos, but I think this type will wear out pretty quickly as they will be subjucted to more wear in a robot than an RC model. I'll probably have to replace them with metal (or carbonite) gear bushed servos eventually.


8 years ago

well, I believe hobbyworld is a fairly large corperstion, they have many things related to motors and drive systems (at a bit of a price, of course) but they have good quality items. I would order online. Like I have said before I live in Canada so we don't have many large electronics stores around here. Hope I helped!