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Where do the comments go? Answered

I've had several comments on Instructables and Forum topics just disappear. Not the "removed by author or community request" thing, just *poof* gone like they never existed. This has been ocurring off and on since at least last May. Does anyone know why? Maybe the database got restored from an earlier backup or something?
I'm sure that none of the missing comments could possibly have been construed as offensive or not nice, so that's not it. Most of them were either "Hey, great Instructable!", questions about details in the Instructable, or most recently a "mea culpa" response to kelseymh when I mis-posted a forum topic by accident and he moved it to the correct place. (That one did contain the word "idiot", but I was referring to myself, and it was clearly a self-deprecating joke anyway).

In any case, if it's related somehow to routine site manitenance, is there any way to avoid this? I've seen that others have had the same problems in the past, but no definitive explanations have been posted AFAIK.


 Weird, maybe it's due to I'bles changing some things around and weird things happen in the process. Like me unable to edit my forum topic after I'bles changed the way people go around Instructables. 

I just had this happen to me.  I had posted the first (and only) comment on the Humana contest "official rules I'ble", asking for a clarification on international vs. US only entries. 

The contest info has been updated, but my comment is simply gone.  No reply, and I don't even find my comment in my own historical record (under my member profile).

.  In this case, I'd guess that Robot made the edits and then deleted your comment w/o notifying you.

This problem also happened to Tigernod one time.  He had a lengthy comment consisting of 8 questions on my random knex challenge #7 that didn't show up until the day before the contest ended.  One of my replies was not showing up in the "last post" box, but I could see it perfectly on my end.

That's the first time I've heard of a comment being visible on one end but not the other. Weird. And kinda blows my "database restore" theory out of the water, too. Darnit.

Yea, this happens/happened to me. I've never been bothered enough to screenshot ever comment I post and reconcile them.


I used to work with a woman who did exactly that, plus hardcopies of every email sent or received. Seeing as how we were working in a mainframe-based systems support role, that made for a lot of screenprints. She was a a bit loco in the cabeza. I think she eventually got fired for wasting thousands of dollars worth of company resources....

I compare my comment count to the Dow Industrial average.  If it is healthy it should fluctuate a bit up or down and I don't worry too much.   There are some good days and some bad days but hopefully it will bounce back.   

If you had a reply that was part of a previous comment or topic and that original poster deleted their comment, yours would disappear too.  You would not see the marker that says deleted by request.

Then again, it just adds to the charm of Instructables.

"Charm"?  I would have said strangeness, myself, but then I have my quairks.

It may appear random but there may be more to it than we know...

Yeah, it's not a dealbreaker or anything, but it is rather perplexing. The really funny thing is that I was checking to see if there were any comments on this topic just a couple of hours ago, and it was marked "last comment by kelseymh 57 minutes ago", and when I went to see what the comment was, there was nothing. <insert Twilight Zone theme here>

Like you said, "charm".