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Where do you find high-quality dried chiles for stew? What kitchen appliance do you recommend grinding them with? Answered

I want to make homemade chile without a mix packet. Green chile stew would be ideal- our family is mildly obsessed with it. However, I'm not familiar with where to purchase and how to prepare chiles.

Where do you buy your dried chiles? I'm looking for high-quality spices (stored in plastic or glass). Also, which appliances do you recommend grinding them with?

Thanks, everyone :)


I see you're in Sunnyvale.

Try Casa Lucas Market - 2934 24th Street in San Francisco. They have lots of Mexican dried spices; or try a Latino Market closer to your residence, as they'll have all kinds of dried chiles.

Hey, thanks! :)

I like the idea of a quick trip to the city. I haven't been to the Farmer's Markets there either, got to make a day of it.

We have a Latino market near us that's supposed to have epic burritos; I'll check them out too while I'm at it.

Hope your Monday is a good one!

You're welcome. If you go to San Francisco, don't forget to pop into the Instructables office (last time I read, they hadn't had too many recent walk-ins). :)

They're upstairs at 82 2nd Street. ;-)

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Have a good day as well!

Oh sweet! Thanks. I'll be sure to mark these "answered".

That sounds like a fun field trip for me ;) They let you visit? Hmm.... :)

I'm not sure they "let you visit" so much... but I read awhile ago that they've had "walk-in's", but not so many recently.... (seems like an unofficial invite?) lol


6 years ago

I don’t know what recipe you use for your chili verde, but we use mostly fresh ingredients in ours; tomatillos, jalapenos, cilantro and Poblano or Anaheim chilies. We get ours at supermarkets that carry a lot of foodstuffs popular in the Mexican cuisine.
In any case look around and search the net, you can get most of the packaged ingredients from online markets.

Hey Burf, we finally got around to making chili last night.

Your suggestion for cilantro in chili is awesome, I'd never tried it.

We found dried chiles at a local market, and pureed them in a food processor with tomatoes, garlic, cilantro, serranos, dried pasillos, and lime juice and zest. Then, we dumped the whole concoction into a pot of just-cooked meat and beans with their cooking liquid. Yum!

Thanks for the tip!

Awesome- I was wondering what goes well into a green chile. I've only attempted once and added far too much cumin. I'm going to jot those down and play with the flavor balance. Thanks, Burf! :)

We've imported Chilles from these guys http://ww.spicesinc.com - they seem pretty good

We found our food processor ground them pretty well, provided they stay dry