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Where do you get KNO3 in Western Australia? Answered

I am in Perth so  i don't want end up near Darwin!


If you live near the northern suburbs Clarkson, Quinns etc there is a store called Mirco Bros which sell KNO3 3kgs for $9.50 and its 99% pure its on wanneroo road and they have a website

i can't find stump remover anywhere either please help me

Check your local hardware/home improvement shop for tree stump remover. Many brands are almost pure KNO3.

Hardware stores, garden centers, agricultural supply stores, pretty much anywhe that you could buy fertilizer should also carry stump remover.
You could also check at a pharmacy, as they may carry saltpeter as well. At least they sometimes do in the US, anyway.

Where can you get it pure, like in a tin or bottle?

The BatCave of course! (or at least *a bat cave)

Hobbyist, not illegal

Agricultural supply?

(The closest I've gotten to Perth is Perth Amboy.)