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Where do you live? Answered

Where do you live? Maybe someone else lives near you and you never knew it! Who knows maybe you could start a small group in your area. Just write it below if you feel comfortable.


ja mieszkam w Polsce:)
I live in Poland:)

In a galaxy far far away.........

I bet it has and you just don't want me knowing.

Maybe my butt! I can read minds and I now know where you live! Ha!

NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! *clears throat* I mean, no you don't!

I do!!!!!!!!!!!! You've been mind read!!!! *diabolical laugh*

*Orders fleet to assembe* This could be interesting ROFL

Me or you? (you spelled assemble rong (lol))

Darn, I hate typo's

LOL in telling me I spelled assemble wrong you spelled the word "wrong", "rong" LOL

I know, that's why I got Google Chrome.

Yeah, that was on purpose.

*my army has assembled and music starts ("What's happening," you ask yourself) and then they all start doing thriller and then your brain explodes at just the pure awesomeness of it all*

ROFL I have to admit, that was hilarious =D

Darn!!! hmmmmm.......... ok I just said "Oh Sure" in a sarcastic voice lol

Actually, your whole brain exploded. Look at the original message ^.

Oh, in that case I should probably be dead............................................

............................................so I should probably stop talking now

i just replied to the other conversation so this one's dead.

Yeah I noticed, that's probably good, I don't want this forum to get so large we run out of space to annoy eachother lol

This is my fourm, it has an endless amount of space. By the way, you started the conversation back up again.

When it comes to activities held in CA, if certainly feels that way for me too.

Of course, being we are in the same "state" :-) I am only a few hours from Philly though, so I have the whole state of PA to cross if driving.....something I don't plan on doing anytime soon :-) (driving to CA that is)

Oh cool, I didn't know you lived in PA!! I live in Schnecksville, PA right now but were in the middle of moving about an hour and a half from where we are now down closer to our dads work. We'll be living a stones throw away from Valley Forge National Park

Oh yeah, down by Gettysburg? .....I have been there a number of times, and just past there to see the Little horses a few times (they're so cute).

My wife and I are on the Lancaster end of Lancaster County, which helped me in getting to the Maker faire in NYC (Queens) last year as that is only about a 3-4 hour drive.

OOOPS, wrong direction....sorry, I don't know WHY I thought Valley Forge was south west, when it is actually north east *duh* ..... I have had to drive through Allentown a few times, but that is my extent of knowledge for he area.

Lol, that's alright =) I've always been bad about figuring out cardinal directions on a local scale :)

Yep :) In that case, were actually not that far from eachother at all!

BTW - Thanks for suscribing!!!

YW :-) I thought I had already but I guess I was mistaken :-)

So, you would actually have LONGER to drive then I would *by a little*. 

That's kind of ironic, after you had suscribed to me I checked to see if I had suscribed to you (I could've sworn I had) And I hadn't! LOL

Yeah, but not by too much, but I don't think we'll be driving to CA anytime soon, we used to have relatives over there but they moved to Texas.


6 years ago

I am from Mendocino County, California.

SINGAPORE! Yeah. *that* tiny dot on the world map

Like my profile says... Neptune.

coldish, rocky, one building, (mine) luckily there's pizza delivery.

Louisville, Kentucky... but hopefully moving soon. :)