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Where do you live? Answered

What country and state do you live in?


I live in Australia. I win.

somewhere.....in the sticks........in AUSTRALIA! LOL

Im from Limerick in Ireland

I live in Alaska! Whooop!

==hi ==

US maine THe best state Ever

theres nothing in maine no offense besides portland =

== none taking but maine is the but bar harbor Bangor are the Bigest tourist
attractions In Maine the only thing good in Mass is the Boston Celtics kinda

'OK, how do you do the big writing?'

hit the = sign twice then space then right what you want to say the hit space then do = twice

-- How about two minus signs? --

US Michigan, how about you DIY Dave?

Yes, but who has put a flag on Barnsley? L


11 years ago

Most major cities in the US have their own group on Instructables. Feel free to join up.