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Where does a double crochet and half double corchet stitch start/end? Answered

I recently picked up crocheting, and ran into the issue that I do not know where a HDC or DC stitch starts or ends. I have a pattern I'm working on that has a piece that is mostly HDC from the top to the bottom. Once the part is done, you have to do a single stitch around the entire part. Issue is: I don't know where to pick up to get a stitch on a half double crochet.

I know it's a touch confusing, but I don't know how else to explain it. Hopefully it makes enough sense. Thanks in advance! 


I'm not sure I understand your question, but I do have a lot of crocheting experience and I wrote an Instructable on how to crochet...

Is it the pattern that you are having trouble understanding? or is it how to make a HDC stitch?

Yeah, I did a rather poor job explaining..
However! I did find out that what I'm having troubles with is borders. I know how to make a HDC. But I don't know where to poke my hook when I'm going down the side of a HDC stitch to place a border.

Okay, now I understand. :)

To make your single crochets on the sides, you'll need to rotate your work so the rows are horizontal to you (and look like columns) and insert your hook under the turning chains or the post of the last HDC of a row. Your pattern should indicate that you make 2 sc's per row down one side. So if you made 25 rows of HDC's, you'd make 50 sc's down one side (because HDC's are taller than sc's are wide). You'll continue around the piece making an increase in the last "corner" stitch (usually 3 sc's total) so that the border is smooth around. The edging on the horizontal row should be straightforward. Simply sc one stitch in both loops of each HDC stitch across, except for the first and last stitch which needs the increase for your corners.

If you need more explanation, let me know.