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Where in Canada can I get a lot of bolts cheap? Answered

Hi, I need a bunch of 1/4 x 2 inch bolts (30 plus) for a project, but I have no idea where to get them cheap. Anyone know any places online or stores with really cheap bolts? 


Any home centers or building supply places around you? Nothing out of the ordinary that you couldn't buy a whole box of. A real hardware store could get what you need if not in stock. Shipping costs for online order would outweigh getting them in hand at a real store.

As Caitlinsdad says, any of the HomeDepot type stores that sell them out of bins normally don't charge a lot for them

Ill go to Home Depot, thanks both of you.

Canadian Tire. Duh.

Nope. Canadian Tire is the K*Mart of the Great White North. I think I might even have a few Canadian Tire Dollars lying in the back of my desk drawer....

I want bolts that are cheaper than $2 each.