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Where is Instructables?? Answered

The BBC have published a treemap of the top 100 websites.

The only "making" site on the map is eHow, with 27,000,000

Where are we?  101?  1001?


If only more people knew of Instructables.... We would be at like 1bill veiws a day? give or take a few million.... XD

I assume you tell people?

Add the address to the footer of all your emails, or your signature on other forums?

Hehe good idea, but if I put the link to 'ibles on my game forums, I would get banned instantly if the moderators finds out...

Ways and means; "Hey, guys, what do you think of this site?"

Or replace that link with one to a specific project (there are several ibles posted about getting specific characters in Final Fantasy, for instance).

Hmm, good idea, I have pretty much given up the game, I don't really care what happens to my account. And that is why I'm coming back to 'ibles again! :)

Very close to that I think. Ed posted a link to a tracking of Instructables' traffic by page views per day/week/month/year. I can't find it though :(

Queue Fungus Amungus with the link........

Found it!


Hmmmm not as near as I had thought. Instructables 3.5m page views in January vs. eHow at 27m :( It's suprising since eHow is rubbish!

Woops I used the page wrong. We in fact have 27m page views. The 3.5m fact I found was for visitors.

I was looking for that, but the link had gone (the advertising page seems to be blank?)

Interesting pattern to notice - look at the spike-and-dip each October.

I guess we can work out Makers' favourite holiday...

instructables traffic.JPG