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Where is a good place to buy silicone? Answered

I'm trying to find a good place to buy silicone for making soap molds.
I don't want to get scammed on one of these internet sites.

Thanks for any help, Oldanvil.


Smooth-On is a very reputable and respected supplier of silicone and other casting supplies. You can get their stuff over the internet, and it's not a scam.

I was actually trying to get a PM to you about this question.  I knew that you would have an answer for the, but I couldn't find you anywhere and I didn't have much time to search.  So that led to me posting another question.

Hmm.... too bad they axed the member search feature. That was a handy function.
If it helps, you can always find me with a search for "Gene Simmons" or "Velveeta Fudge"....


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Best Regards
Nina Han

I always buy mine from Tiranti in Reading - I assume you are in England too ?