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Where is a good place to get a gaming computer? Answered

I've been thinking that I need a little upgrade from the desktop computer that I have, by computer standards, its pretty old.

All I really want is a gaming computer. I don't need any fancy cases or things of that sort, can anyone recommend a website and/or product?



Best Answer 7 years ago

The absolute best way is to build your own computer. Its really not that difficult to do and you have complete control over the components you use.
Here is a link to an excellent guide:

 I've built two PCs and once I decided to do it, I found the most difficult part was simply picking the parts I wanted to use and locating the best prices.

If you don't want to build there are a number of places where you can configure  (more or less) the PC you want and they will build it for you. The one that I know off the top of my head is:

You can google for others that offer similar services.

you've built two PCs from scratch? What kind of skills does it require to do this? Also, I assume it is less expensive to build from scratch correct?

If you can read and follow some basic written instructions, You shouldn't have any real problems. Oh yeah, you will probably need  to know how to use a screwdriver and possibly a nut driver.
Seriously, if you can follow the instructions in the link I posted, you can build your own from scratch. Its that easy.

Best Buy and Fry's has some pretty good stuff, you should go look there.

start with a good board, e.g. Gigabyte. then look at what you can afford to add to it. mainboard first.



7 years ago

If it were up to me, I would get the parts from newegg.com and make your own, its going to be much cheaper than one you buy, and faster. (if you know how to build one)

I looked long and hard at building a PC from components - in the end I was able to source a ready built basic unit to a good spec and add a decent flat screen monitor and graphics card for much the same outlay and less bother.

I still ended up changing the PSU and fitting hard drives CD rom and full HD graphics card.

You don't say where you are - in the Uk I went to Ebuyer. Good service and prompt turn round of a duff PSU

I've built every PC I've owned, along with PCs for my friends, family, and customers at my business. It is definitely not difficult. The most difficult part is ensuring you get components that will work together (right socket for your cpu, etc), but the actual labor is easy. tomshardware.com is a good source for finding the best value for your money as far as graphics cards and processors. newegg.com is a good source of parts at a great price with great customer service. Alternatively, you can contact me and I can help you out.