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Where is the CMOS battery in an HP xh485: mine is hiding and probably dead!? Answered

The great old dinosaur died and symptoms are like a dead bios battery...but I can't find one, even after removing the bottom cover, the HD, KYBD, etc.




7 years ago

My understanding is that none of the older HP Pavillion notebooks had "User Serviceable" CMOS batteries. They were soldered directly to the motherboard.
I'd guess you will have to pull the mobo to get to it for replacement.

Check HP's website. They probably have the necessary instructions posted somewhere thereon. If not; posting a question in their help area is more likely to find someone who knows than posting it here.

CMOS batteries on laptops are notoriously hard to find. If you can find a service manual online for your model of laptop then that should lead you right to it, but unless you have some experience with disassembling (and perhaps more importantly RE-assembling laptops your best bet might be to take it to a professional.

Thanks. I've done several laptops and understand the grief! Typical instructions do not work for this baby, and I have had it almost completely apart (KYBD, HD, NIC, RAMs, etc) and back together.
My hope is to attract someone who has owned or repaired an xh485 to advise me.