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What is the Source of Profound Intellect of Leonardo Da Vinci? Answered

Leonardo Da Vinci is Have a Concept of Tanks,Hellicopter,Scuba suit,
Airplane,Robot,And an Submarine! 
But all of this things is invented after!
I think he has connection in Alliens or He had Timetravel!

Pls. Before you Answer! Watch this video!

Asker: Wareneutron(WN)


the problem is there is no correct and idealistic answer!

For all! so,there is no answer about my question?

I wanted to ignore your question but I am going to give you my two cents. Here it goes: If the great genius of Leonardo Da Vinci traveled through time, what about all the artists, scientists and, inventors, that have lived throughout history? Did Thomas Alva Edison traveled through time? Nicola Tesla? Galileo Galilei? Albert Einstein? Stephen Hawkins? Michio Kaku? These people are doing a disservice to the public by making these shows. Humans do not need alien intervention to come up with new discoveries or inventions. We have a wonderful organ in our heads, our brains. If you feed the right stuff to your brain you can also come up with wonderful ideas on your own given some time. In other words, do not waste your time with these videos and start reading some good science books.

You do not Understand! Leonardo Da Vinci
i think his ideas is from future and he re invented and
actually recreate!

Those Artist and scientist i have no idea about their time travelling!
But one thing you need to understand what i'm asking for!
Watch again the video!

The video is full with misinformation. Have you read Jules Verne? This french writer wrote about space travel, submarines, and many other inventions long before they happened. The writer Arthur C. Clarke wrote about satellites long before they first satellite orbited the earth. Charles Babbage designed , with all the limitations of his time, an analog computer. The list goes on. It is insulting to us humans to simply credit "aliens" for almost any invention out there. The producers of Ancient Aliens are simply lying and misrepresenting information deliberately to give their theories an appearance of plausibility. Like other have said that show is simply garbage. Watch Ancient Aliens Debunked, for more information. Check skeptic.com also.

thank you for revealing me about that garbage show!


5 years ago

If the average IQ is 100 that means that for every 60 there is a 140. For every person you know who is not that bright there is a person on the opposite end to match in the other direction. If this were not true then the average would be less than 100. There are a lot of smart people out there, far more than you realize. Most of them have learned to not let people know that they are smart.
Why? Well its a strange thing. An average person has no problem with people who he considers to be not as smart as he is. But they almost always feel resentment towards those who appear to be brighter than they are. "you think your smarter than me?" is a not uncommon phrase. An employee who is brighter than his boss stands a better than average chance of being fired. Why? so he doesn't make his boss look bad. Now for some this is not the case. Some more advanced thinking and confident people have learned to take advantage of the talents of others. They are the exceptions. While average people often look up to someone who is physically more advanced than they are, such as an pro athlete they often are intimidated by those who are smarter than they are. You don't hear the phrase "evil athlete" but you often hear the phrase "evil genius". Some like Da Vinci let their light shine a little brighter than the others. But many prefer to work quietly in the background. They are there, just not advertising it. No, the smart people among us are not space aliens. They are the top half of the 100 that is offset by the bottom half. I suppose calling them space aliens is just another form of evil genius, a derogatory description used to put down a person who has more than the normal ability and intellect. Why not just accept them for what they are, gifted people who can think a little bit better than others, and thank them for making the average world a better place by using their talents to benefit everyone unlike an athlete who performs to glorify himself. Actually it would be a little more believable to say that someone like Magic Johnson is part space alien, how else could people like him have those extraordinary abilities?

I tip my hat to you! Eloquently said!

Take care not to confuse a high IQ with creativity.

L De V was very creative and artistically gifted. He built very few of his designs though so we can assume he wasn't much of an engineer.

Others, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, for example were supreme designers, visionaries AND engineers.

Yes, and it is one of the main reasons that IQ as a measurement is not used much anymore. I used it here because it was a simple enough illustration to make a point clearly. It is now recognized that "genius" has many forms. Musical, mathematical, visual, physical, verbal and many others. DaVinci was apparently very gifted with visual ability. He could create visually in his mind. If he were to have been given a spacial relations test he probably would have been off the charts. In addition he had to ability to translate what he saw in his mind onto paper which all by itself is a special talent. I am good at spatial relations but I can't draw it out, however I can do really good with a camera. It is a hand eye coordination that is different still from drawing.
Many , many diverse talents exist in humanity. What is truly amazing is that it is possible to draw on all those diverse talents and create works that no one individual could ever do. I highly doubt that an ancient pharaoh would have been much good at stone cutting. What he apparently was good at was dreaming big. He recruited others to work out the details. And that too is a form of genius. Mankind is a sum of its parts and that is why when they work together they can accomplish things that might appear too be to advanced for them to achieve. It's not space aliens, its the cooperative effort of using the talents and diversities of the populations.

Absolute, complete garbage. The TV channel named "History" is not, and has not been for a number of years. It's pseudo-scientific pandering to ignorance and sensationalism. This video is more of the same.

No, your question is quite reasonable. Without having some sophistication and knowledge on your own, there's no good way for you to easily tell what is sensible and what is nonsense.

The problem with TV shows like this one is that they use jargon which sounds scientific, and they bring in people with impressive titles, so it has the air of authenticity. You need to be able to do independent research, and to think critically about what you read and hear, in order to judge whether it is reasonable and believable or not.

Gifted incite was not exclusive to Da Vinci,nor was his quest for discovery and understanding of all things worldly. There were many before him and many more that followed,why such reverence for a single person who I dare say was not the first among equals.
Food for thought

I refer you to my previous answer about aliens, and add the phrase Occam's Razor.

Not watched the video - But not missed much by the comments here.

Where does any level of intelligence come from/? truth is no one knows - Its not Nurture because skilled and brilliant people appear in all manner of populations be they in the midst of the African Velt or in towns and cities.

You could ask the same question about 1000 people. Mostly they were interested, dedicated, curious, born at the right time, had access to the right peer group or materials/technology or had a need for what they did.

Arthur C Clark predicted the internet, Satellite communication and other developments, only he didn't make anything jut wrote stories.

It happens a lot - I have had several ideas in the past that I didn't pursue for various reasons that have made it to the marked place. i don't feel bad about it.

I watched the first 20 minutes of that video. It's absolute rubbish. Amusing, but rubbish. Nothing they present is evidence, just a bunch of conjecture from arts professors. What's wrong with the much more likely theory that he was just a very clever bloke?

(Also, you don't appear to be asking a question, you'd be better off posting it in the forum for discussion where subsequent replies will boost it to the top each time)