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Where is the best place (if any) to buy Altoids in the UK (Not over the internet!)? Answered


Our local Morrisons supermarket has them.

In some chemists they sell for 97p a tin

I bought a load in Waitrose last week, £1.05 a tin. Only peppermint ones are available in the UK (unless imported by third parties) which is a shame; I'd love to try the Creme de Menthe ones.

M&S sell their own brand for 99p a tin - they're actually the same mints and the same tins, just painted green. About ten years ago I had some in a lush embossed silver tin as well, from a local chemist. The Magor services on the M4 sell them too =)

I'm inclined to agree with TheGoodLife to a degree, there's plenty of other tins out there - but the Altoids tin is so iconic amongst makers, you need one or two in your collection.

Altoids are made in the UK and then promptly shipped to the US. And soon, so will the factory. You don't have to be a slave to fashion and use Altoids tins. There are plenty of sweets, mints and cough drops sold in the UK that come in tins. Even the Fisherman's Friend comes in tins though you will have to eat the ghastly things.

Chemists! I was shocked when I saw some. Local chemists though, not like a supermarket one ;-)

sorry. dont think so. i was looking for them a while ago and couldnt find any. all i wanted was the tin!

at regular convenience stores?