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Where is the best place to get soda tabs? Answered

I'm going to make a bunch of stuff that are made of the tabs, but I don't even have enough for half of a chain after two-three weeks.


You could try going to a bottle recycling depot and asking them. Most of the time they just crush the cans to reduce the volume, I'm sure with some convincing words they'd let you go nuts on all the soda cans there and let you leave with as much as you can carry!

they probably wont agree - they 'buy' them by the can, but sell them by weight - scrap aluminium. They would be giving away a few percent of their material for free :( If you got to the cans BEFORE the depot - as others suggest at collection places.

interesting, I hadn't completed the thought by calculating the bundles by weight, but now that you mention it, it seems rather obvious. I suppose they need every penny, judging by the conditions at some of these depots. Might still be worth a try, but I think Frollard is right. good luck in your search!

I get mine at high school football games.

I just bought several hundred at my local metal recycler. I bought a pound for $2 and there always seems to be a 5 gallon bucket there FULL of them.

There's a chap on eBay who sells them in bags of 1000. Seriously


Go to your local schools and restaurants and ask if you can put some kind of Tub (Large Sour Cream container) and tell them that you are collecting them if they do then you can get Lots. We did it here for a child who needed a new wheelchair and we had enough in 2 months. Try that.

drink lots of soda!! >:)

I got some from eBay for rather cheap - I'm actually a bit afraid to know how the person I got them from collected so many.

Do you know any 'can-banks' or 'recycling-bins'? Maybe at school? L