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Where is the center of gravity usually found in a sword? Answered

I'm atempting to construct a sword, and even though its mostly for show, i want to get the weight and balance right.



Best Answer 8 years ago

THat's not a simple answer.  A lot depends on what kind of sword you are making.

Here's a list of good sites to read up on your subject.  Use the info as you wish.

Each type of sword is a specialized instrument, fitted to a task. So it depends on what your sword is going to be doing. A thrusting sword will have a point-of-balance closer to the cross than a slashing weapon. it's a simple trick of physics. It's the Lever principal. I'm a little rusty on my physics... but I believe The proper equation is Force X length = work.
The heavier the point is, the more force will be applied to the tip in a slash or a chop.
If your POB is is more towards the cross, the weapon will feel lighter and give you more control.
Think of it as putting the weight behind the part that is going to do the dirty work.

 depending on the sword but the center is usually found about an inch from the handle on the blade but like i said it depends on the sword