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Where is the pcv valve located on a 2004 Toyota Tundra? Answered

I would like to change the pcv valve on my Toyota Tundra.


It should be located connected to that hose coming out of the valve cover or off the throttle body.

. If you can't get an answer here or by using Google, drive to your local Toyota dealer and tell them you will buy their PCV valve if they will show you where it is. It will only cost you a few dollars (maybe not that much) to get an expert answer in person and it is always nice to be on good terms with the dealer when you own a post-2000 vehicle.
. You might try the same tactic at local auto parts stores, but I find that the counter people nowadays aren't very "car smart". Back in The Good Ole Days counter people were usually car nuts and quite knowledgeable; not so much any more. :(