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Where to buy 6mm brass or stainless steel tubing? Answered

Does anyone know where to buy good lengths of 6mm ID stainless steel or brass tubing?  When I say good length I mean like around 4 feet continuous.  And the tolerance must be very good, in the degree of 0.01mm

I've been searching for a while, but getting metric tubing in the US in lengths of anything more than 10 inches or 300cm is hard.  The closest I've found was 6.22mm (which is really 0.2425 inch or something like that), but Ideally I want the ID to be between 6.00 and 6.08 mm

and in case if anyone is wondering, I'm building an airsoft sniper, which uses 6mm BB's


Have a look here


I need to ask, why not just buy an airsoft barrel? They're a tiny bit more expensive, but you have the guarantee that they're of at least some quality and you could get one with rifling.

I made a barrel for an air rifle (i will be posting soon) with 3/8in. ID refrigerator tubing which made a very loose airsoft barrel... what we're looking for is a 1/4in. ID tubing or barrel. this table should be helpful! http://www.farthingales.on.ca/metric_conversion.htm

no matters wats size of Stainless Steel Tubes you want for your needs , just check this website http://www.metal-supplies.com/8601/12753.html


7 years ago

Advice number 1: use stainless steal not brass, you can get it in thicker walls and a higher duribilty, for a sniper rifle with a long barrel you will need it incase you drop it or something..otherwise i wouldnt worry TOO much ;)

Advice number 2: It's called ebay and it is the ruler of all things instructable!

Advice number 3: Please do tell us if you find what your looking for, and maye WHERE?

i got some flexible clar tubing at ace that fit bbs like that perfectly and i just streightened it and duct-taped it to a stick and i was good to go!

I have seen various brass tubing in model-shops - places that cater for boat / train/ aeroplane modelers.


don't you live somewhere in Europe?

Well here in good ole america we don't take kindly to your metric system!

I like 12 inches to my foot, 3 feet to my yard, 5.5 yards to my rod, 320 rods to my mile, and that's the way i likes it!

also, my water boils at 212 degrees, and 70 degrees outside is a comfortable temperature thank you very much


I didn't mention metric units. And in case you weren't aware there are 12" to the foot over here too. Rods, I've never seen used and I doubt that US road signs use rods.


well i've visited all of my local hobby shops, and all of their tube diameters are measured in imperial units, so sadly, no 6mm.

Oh dear. Perhaps the problem is the BBs - can you get them in imperial?


.  You might be able to find what you want by looking at pipe, instead of tubing. I don't remember the specifics, but piping and tubing are measured differently. You may be able to find pipe that "accidentally" has the right ID. YMMV

.  I don't know. http://www.google.com/search?q=pipe+dimensions looks like a good place to start.