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Where to buy Bokken Answered

Can somebody tell me where to buy bokken in Melbourne, australia? and don't tell me to buy online. it doesn't even have to be really good quality. cheap 20$ bokkens are okay. do they sell those in wal mart?


you could always make a bokken, Australia has some good kood right? so carve one, it's what i did

Dude, this topic was posted over two years ago, and I was at Australia on vacation, I do not actually live there. Furthermore, I did make a bokken, if you were to check some of my I'bles you'll see that I have a slideshow showcasing a hardwood bokken I made out of teak wood.

I know ther's a big martial arts community in Brisbane, and I think Sydney would have such as well. I've never been to Melbourne, but I would go to a local dojo/dojang/martial arts academy and ask them. In any case, you might could order one from an asian import shop.

Not at any of the Wal-Marts around here, they don't. I don't know anything about Melbourne specifically, but if you can find a martial arts place that trains people with weapons, odds are they'll sell you one or direct you to someone who will.

Thanks for telling me. do you know any shops that sells those?

Only ones here in Colorado. You would know better than me, since you're in Melbourne and I'm not. Check the yellow pages for martial arts and then just call around.