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Where to buy Candle (parafin) wax on the cheap? Answered

I want to make 3 candles featured in Weissensteinburg's Instructable, How to make Candles. I live in England so I cannot buy candles from 'Joanne's' as Weissenstein did. I am, however, using the same moulding method as he does, so the ammount of wax that I need is around 3/4 of a pound. Mabey 1lb for safety.

And no, I can't use eBay or any other online website, because I do not have an account and so I would have to ask my parents to buy it for me, which would defeat the point really...

Any tips?



Some supermarkets or hardware stores in the US  stock canning supplies, which may include blocks of wax. I'm not sure where one would look for these in the UK.

Back when I was making candles, I was scavenging wax from all sorts of places -- broken crayons, wax wrappings on cheese, candle stubs that were too small for other uses. And yes, I melted and re-made a few candles that didn't come out the way I wanted them to.

Boots. Its used in "Wax baths" for tired limbs.


you can buy some white candles and melt them down

That was going to be my plan B. =P

What about the wicks though? Can I just fish them out, so to speak?

P.s What was the nature of seandogue's comment that caused it to be removed?

Almost any cotton string will work as a wick. Some work better than others, but there isn't much magic here.

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You should be able to pull out the wicks easily once the wax is melted. They won't present any problems for candle-making, but they may take a small amount of wax with them, maybe 2 or 3 grams. ;-)