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Where to buy MURIATIC ACID & PEROXID in UK ??? What kind of shop ??? Answered

Hi ... where can I buy MURIATIC ACID (HCL, hydrogen chloride) and PEROXID in UK ??? What kind of shop should I go and ask for it ??? Is there an different name for the muriatic acid in UK English ???

And what about peroxid ??? In a chemist's / drug store ???

Thank you for your advice...



Muriatic Acid is commonly found in pool supply stores. It is used to adjust pH of the water. Hydrogen Peroxide is found in chemist or drug stores. Once you have them mix them 2 parts peroxide to 1 part Muriatic Acid.

Rather than ask about what you want, what do you want to do?
These things come in different concentrations, that affects the "where"


Hi Lemonie ... I would like to ETCH pcb. I've asked one question before, why do I have craters on my copper tracks after etching with fer.chloride and how to avoid it.

So one of the solution was to try it with different approach - so that's why I'm looking for HCL + H2O2.

Thanks for pointing out the purpose - why do I need it.


Thanks for the information, you see Steve' seems to know what your problem is.


H2O2 for etchant  from a hair dressers supply.
HCL from a good builders merchants as "brick cleaner"

Changing to the cupric chloride etch won't fix the pits - that caused by poor resist.

If you possibly can, switch to a photoresist

Hi Steve ...

Would you be so kind and explain me the meaning of the word RESIST in this case ??? Wi8th my translation I just can NOT to find out the meaning when it comes to this topic - pcb - etching.

Thank you for your reply (direction) ...


Hi Zholy, the resist is the substance stopping your tracks from etching - the laser toner transfer method in your case.

Are you in the UK now ?