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Where to buy large capacitors for cheap? Answered

Building various things, like tesla coils, railguns, and wire exploding devices, reguires very large capacitors. I need to know where to buy some with high voltage and capacitance rating around 450v and 10000uF.


The trick for this type of project is to get ones with very low ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) , and with a construction that can take the mechanical stresses of operation. Flash gun capacitors are pretty good, and you might still get a deal with a camera store to take the bits from their disposable cameras. You could look at the kind of "Tank"capacitors for induction heating systems - again Ebay would be a good starting place. Steve

Spain Supplier of Capacitors http://electrobat.net/surplus/electrolytic-capacitors-sale/

The best place to find "big electric" components is The Surplus Center, www.surpluscenter.com. Reasonably cheap prices on quality "pulls" from all types of equipment, and a great deal of brand new surplus stuff as well. I use them when I need big caps, selenoids, relays and switches.

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I took a quick look at Digikey, the best price I found ~ USD $25 for a 350V, 3300uF:


The 450v version is 10$ more or so. They have screw terminals.

Myself, I always wondered if a few 120 Farad (yes farad) pseudocaps could be rigged to generate some nice magnetic fields. They run at 2.3v and has ESR around 40 milliohms, are the size of your thumb and cost around 20$. Might make good spot welders at the very least. Peak power output and energy density are nice. I can attest that shorting them across things is an entertaining way to get burnt fingers... though the caps handle being shorted well enough.


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Hi Cindy,, I need a couple of large Caps, in the 500V 20,000 uf range,, prefferrably the ones with the screw terminnals on the top, but tangs would do if need be. I do alot of research in energy propagation and collection, working with signal generation ect,,trying to pull in ambient and collect it in the caps for usable current,,right now I am doing some flipflop exsperimental duplication from gotoluc's channel on youtube, you should check his stuff out. Anyway if you can help me out here and let me know cost verse's availability with shipping to U.S.A.,,,my e-mail is luckyedds@netzero.com  Also I need these to be AC CAPs
                                   Thanks Ed

You might try the local electric power company. Try to buy the used or surplus power factor correction capacitors. These are big and heavy. ~Bob~

go to the store and ask for the disposable cameras they throw out and they give them to u for free and there is a large capacitor in them

I know a lot of refrigerators have oil filled capacitors on the back. Not sure what the ratings are, but I think they're pretty big. You can sometimes snag these for free of off old fridges at the dump.