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Where to find salvagable materials (working or non-working) when there are no salvage yards? Answered

Pardon me if I'm in the wrong forum place to ask, but I don't know where else to look where I live for odds and ends for projects.

Short version first--what common places or facilities should I check for cool parts for stuff?

To add detail, I am new here but routinely follow this site now and especially the Steampunk category, though this applies to any made thing that has extra things to "look cool".  Ok so if I want old parts or things to represent or look like old  or other things, I would think to check at a scrapyard, salvage center, flea market and Ebay.  My problem is that in my region, there seem to be no salvage yards, only recycling centers that buy specific junk.  Ebay gets expensive and is specific enough to not have any wholesale or discount by volume situation.  I live near the state capital so our flea market is as good as I will get and it hasn't been useful yet.
I have read instructables a number of times in which the author writes something like, "I was lucky to find this piece at a local junkyard" or something like that. Am I missing good options to find old or "junk" parts that have junk prices?


I get tones of stuff out of the garbage you would be amazed at what people throw out on garbage day.
And the stuff you get from industrial garbage would amaze you.
Copper and brass fitting from people updating bathrooms and kitchens as well as old electronics and appliances.

Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into these ideas.

You could try freecycle.org and post a wanted ad. Dumpster diving is a good way to find goodies but mostly on business ares, construction sites and workshops. Ask permission before you search a dumpster if it is located on a property and wear protective gear. Trash, rubbish, garbage or refuse is relinquished property, therefore it is legal to keep.

Check out the "free" and "garage sale" sections of Craigslist
for your area.
Also check out the classified sections of online newspapers
for the various towns /countys near you . You'll
find lots of auctions, estate sales and garage sales listed
in the online newspapers.

Thrift shops, bins and get friendly with some waste operatives...

You'd be shocked how much cool stuff get's binned